Published On: Thu, Apr 20th, 2017

School Board goes ahead with boiler project

RANDOLPH — Randolph School Board members decided to move ahead with a Randolph High School Boiler and Water Heater Replacement Project, April 17.
Farris Engineering presented information on the upcoming selection of a bidder for the pre-purchase of equipment necessary to replace the existing boilers and water heater in the high school building.
Aerco manufactured boilers and water heater equipment have a relevant advantage in materials, longevity, reliability and serviceability over the other proposed boilers and water heater equipment. Aerco manufactured boilers and water heater equipment were decided to be in the best interest of the school district. All the school board members decided upon the bid from Control Temp, Inc. as the select company for pre-purchase of boiler equipment to be used on the school’s equipment replacement project.
School meal prices were increased by board members. Adult breakfast price will be $3.05 and elementary breakfast price will be $2.35. High school lunch will be $3 and elementary lunch will be $2.65. Basically an increase of approximately a nickel for meal prices was selected by board members.
Tina Nordhues will no longer be managing the concession stand. A replacement will be sought for this concession stand managerial position.
Ted Stubbs will become the junior high head football coach, with Mark Anderson assisting him.
Sue Lenhoff announced her resignation at the school board meeting, which was accepted by board members. Lenhoff has served the school district for 11 years as book keeper. Lenhoff plans to enter retirement.
Randolph students attended the Young Authors event at Wayne State College April 10, according to Mary Miller. Eight children attended kindergarten round-up. Ten children will attend kindergarten, 20 preschool children are expected. May 15 is preschool graduation.
Principal Dennis Bazata has finished his year-term as president of the Lewis and Clark Conference Administrators organization. Bazata’s group decided that efforts will be made to decide earlier which teams will play each other. Bazata said it will only be decided several days earlier than last year. He said it is difficult to decide since there are four different classes of high school teams within the conference.
“Each Randolph student will have a homeroom teacher. This will be beneficial as each student will have a study hall. The noon schedule was adjusted and periods will be 52 minutes long. A program called ‘Habitudes’ will be focused on helping students with staff trained in how to administer the program before school,’’ Bazata said. “The schdule adjustment will help many mentors connect with students for Teammates.’’
Two new courses at RHS are Intro to Careers and Personal finance, management and leadership. Randolph participated in the statewide tornatdo drill and the ACT test will be administered Wednesday.
“A May 13 Music Booster Trip will take a school bus of music students and eight or nine parents or supervisors to see “Wicked” in Minneapolis with a stop in Mankato. Sack lunches will be taken. Two bus drivers will take turns driving,’’ Superintendent Jeff Hoesing said.
“New copiers have been installed and individuals must use a special card to used the copier,’’ Hoesing said.
Daycare considerations will be discussed April 19, at 7 p.m., with several board members planning on attending, including Jim Scott, Cody Backer and Sandy Owens. Three citizens have contacted the school about the daycare.
Scott asked board members to consider looking at competitive insurance rates for the school.
“One school was able to save $40,000 in one year,’’ Scott said.
Backer asked if the school board might do walk arounds the school grounds. Hoesing said this would be something the group could do even though there is a building and grounds group. Paul Schmit added this would be a good way to update the board members.
The next regular meeting will be May 15 at 8 p.m.