Published On: Thu, May 23rd, 2013

School Board approves several hefty purchases

RANDOLPH — Beginning with the purchase of a new bus, school board members discussed a list of items needed for the district, including scoreboards, pianos, and weight-lifting equipment, at Monday’s monthly meeting.

Board Member Mike Strathman presented his research findings to the board on busses, their prices, components, pros and cons, and specifications. After considering all the information, the board approved the purchase of a new 65-passenger bus from Cornhusker in Norfolk in an amount not to exceed $80,000.

Board President Paul Schmit commented that someone had mentioned to him that maybe the bus should be used for routes, not activities. Mr. Strathman and Superintendent Dave Hamm explained that vans can often cover route needs, but a bus will be needed between activity and route needs, so the decision on where to use the bus can be made down the road.

Strathman also informed the board that many schools send boys and girls on the same bus to sporting events, like basketball games. The junior varsity and varsity players would all ride together. While that would result in one less bus on the road, it would also cause the varsity students to miss an hour or so of school, Strathman pointed out.

Board Member Tim Kint shared information about scoreboards from his past experiences as well as a bid from Daktronics. Funding for scoreboards for the gym and football field has been provided through private donations, and the board members agreed the district could contribute an amount not to exceed $7,500 to get the purchase and installation process of Daktronics scoreboards underway while fundraising continues.

Upgrades to the heating and lighting in the ag buildings was visited several years ago, and no action was taken. With two bids to consult, the board members chose to accept a bid from Patent Electric to improve the heating and lighting in both ag buildings.

Board Member Jim Scott has been obtaining bids from several weight-lifting equipment companies and suggested the board authorize an amount to spend to purchase equipment for summer weight lifting. Concerns were raised about how much actual work was getting accomplished in the weight rooms, but former volleyball coach Mary Miller said that the program is quite good and monitored well. The board members agreed that weight room equipment could be purchased not to exceed $10,000.

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