Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

School Board accepts check from NRD


RANDOLPH — School Board members covered a lot of territory at the latest meeting.

A representative from Pierce attended the meeting to offer a check to school board members for a cost share for the Randolph grade school playground project.

Board members unanimously accepted the 2015-2016 audit.

Mary Miller said Kathy Wilke attended training with practice tests.

Red Ribbon Week Pledge to be drug free, including Nerd Day, because kids are too smart for drugs, and Pajama Day.

The school hosted a Veterans Day breakfast with sixth graders reading their patriotic writing and preschool involved. School children attended the Nov. 10 Veterans program, which was well attended, according to Dennis Bazata.

The Holiday concert is set for Dec. 6, and the Fall Ball  Father-Daughter Dance will be a fundraiser and will occur Dec. 9.

The elementary conducted a playground drill for the sheep, shepherd and wolf Nov. 17. Everyone practiced what to do in the event of an attack at the school. Children scatter and meet at two designated locations. The High School also did a safety intruder drill with the scenario of an active shooter.

Jim Scott, Brent Billerbeck and Todd Greiner attended an Oct. 27 safety meeting with the Cedar County Sheriff.

Dalton Rath attended All State Music for Choral as a Bass singer and finished in the top 20 of all classes.

Several engineering firms will be contacted for bids for the high school boiler project.

Land will be sold north of the bus barn and an ad will be placed for the sale.

An attorney will do the paperwork and possibly a surveyor will be employed for the sale. Rolling bids will be taken with the right of refusal retained.

A huge crowd attended the school board convention with excellent speakers, according to Tim Kint.

Lisa Linville, who will join the Board in January, attended the data breach portion of the convention. Linville said the information offered was extremely in depth.

Paul Schmit attended the negotiation portion of the convention. He said the session urged people to contact their senators about property tax resolutions for urban vs. rural issues.

An executive session was entered to discuss the superintendent’s contract, but no action will be taken on the contract until the December meeting.