Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2013

Randolph students are now ready for the real world

RANDOLPH—Twenty-three Randolph High School seniors donned caps and gowns May 11, and for one last moment sat together to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the past thirteen years.

For the 120th time the processional was played within the RHS walls and the National Anthem followed, preceding the welcome from high school principal, Dennis Bazata.

Allison Danyel Backer, class salutatorian, shared the class history with a special speech that reminded her classmates of many special moments shared from the kindergarten classroom to the senior prom.

Backer delighted her classmates bringing on fits of giggles and perfect blushes with her reminiscences reminding Austin and Brennen of their milk breaks and naps, Kathryn of her ‘quiet?’ personality, and Grant and Nathan of their trip to the office over a “note incident” which turned out to be a quite good frame job by a fellow unnamed classmate. Garrett was reminded of the spider’s visit in third grade. Tony, was thanked for the stories he entertained his classmates with in elementary school about UFO’s and Levi was asked to recall the time he stapled his finger rather than the paper. Backer reminded the class of Caitlyn’s love of horse books and the gallon of green paint the class dumped in their carpeted classroom.

She recalled the ghost hunting in the fourth grade, and creative games played at recess like Ashley’s creation of “Snow Dogs”, otherwise known as crawling around on all fours at recess and barking or Mrs. Robinsons rule created especially for their class that the “girls had to touch the ball at least once a play during a game, and had to be captains at least once a week”.  Allison reflected on Jolee’s love of clowns, Justin’s willingness to always ref a game, and Tyler’s ability to do wild though painful snow sledding tricks with the four-wheeler. Brenna’s passion for window paint on classmates new cars, and Allison’s disappearing act at her own party when her classmates forgot to look for her during hide and go seek were topics of laughter and “Jacob’s mad Rubik’s cube skills” were recalled. The addition of Larry and Cara as well as the history of Daisha’s car were fine points to be considered and Grant’s growling face during the class picture was revealed when he was asked to demonstrate for those attending graduation.

Backer also reviewed some of the larger achievements of her classmates like Kali’s election as Nebraska FCCLA president and Kirsten’s 1,000th point in her basketball career.

To conclude she shared with her class heartwarming words to see them all off into their next stage by saying, “It has been a wonderful journey these past thirteen years, and I couldn’t have asked for a better class to have spent it with. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and hope you succeed in anything you do. Many have come and gone, but I guess you could say that we all started here. We grew into young women and men; we are not just friends, we ended up as family. We all disagree on things, but in the end this is where we became us!”

Those in attendance were treated to a final school year instrumental performance as the senior band participants rejoined their fellow students one last time.

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