Published On: Thu, May 2nd, 2013

Randolph High competes at the Allen Music Contest

ALLEN — Rick Lacey band director of Allen, NE organized a music contest for three schools who were unable to compete at District Music Contest in Wayne due to weather.  Judges were hired from the NESA list and were asked to rank students with NESA District Contest requirements.  Rankings for musicians- Superior (I) is the highest ranking, Excellent (II), and Good(III).  Students are ranked in many facets of music including: Tone-beauty, control, characteristic timbre, vibrato; Intonation-tonality awareness, pitch center, intervals; Precision-accuracy to printed music including notes, rhythms-note and rest values, pulse, correctness of meters; Facility-Ease of performing fingers, hand positions, phrasing, dexterity, attacks/releases; Expression-phrase shape style contrasts in tempo and feel for the musical line; other factors-choice of music, discipline, stage presence, poise, appearance, memorization-if required.

Superior plus(I+)Gunn Putiyanum- piano sol; Superior (I) Allison Backer-piano, clarinet, clarinet duet; Derek Gall- vocal solo, piano solo, French horn solo; Mackenzie Lemmons-clarinet duet; Haley Schnoor-trumpet solo; Justin Korth- trumpet solo; Maggie Carlson-trombone solo; Gunn Putiyanun-violin solo & piano duet; Leo Haselhorst-piano duet; Jolee Clausen-vocal solo; Adrianne Kruger-vocal solo; Jacob Rath-vocal solo; Sydney Scott-vocal solo; Superior minus(I-) Leo Haselhorst-piano solo, Jacob Rath-piano solo; Excellent(II) Katie Fye-Alto Sax Solo, Caitie Lemmons-Clarinet solo Good(III) Amber Dibbert-trumpet solo.

Band, Jazz Band, & choir receive Superior ratings from all judges.