Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

Randolph City Council turns down request

RANDOLPH — Board members were provided a little “show and tell” during the City Council meeting Sept. 4.

Dawn Stange, Circulation Manager for the Norfolk Shopper, brought along a tube and a steel post when she met with council members.

The Norfolk Shopper had previously asked the council members for permission to put a post and a tube or box, which would be used to receive the Norfolk Shopper, alongside a few of the streets in Randolph.

The Shopper is having trouble getting a carrier for an area in the south part of town which includes the hill on Main and Douglas Streets, according to Stange.

“We have advertised and put out flyers. It is easier to find someone to drive the routes rather than walk. We would put in a steel post with a box attached. We would go door-to -door and talk to the residents first and get their permission,” Stange said. “We would be in charge of the maintenance. There would be no cost to the city. Tubing in other towns has worked well.”

City Attorney Lance Carlson thought it would be difficult to get everyone’s approval to have a steel post and tube placed near the street in front of their residence.

“You won’t get unanimous agreement on this. What do you do with the people who do not want the tube?” Carlson asked.

According to Stange, the post and tube would only be put up at locations where agreement had been secured from the resident.

The request would only affect a portion of the streets in Randolph.

“We have someone who is doing the east end of town. He is doing an excellent job,” Stange said. “He has even taken on another route.”

Board members asked if it would be possible to put a bin or a box at the post office or at a centralized location in town where people could pick up a Shopper if they wanted one.

Another alternative could include adding a post and tube by a cluster of mailboxes and put numerous Shoppers in it for people to pick up.

Board members also asked if the Shoppers could be mailed to the residents. “Due to the cost we no longer mail them,” Stange said.

Councilman Tim Lemmons said his preference would be to have a central location for residents to pick up the Shopper.

“Maybe you could try a central distribution first – if it doesn’t work we could address this again,” Lemmons said.

The Norfolk Shopper will continue their search for a route carrier and try working with distributing the Shopper at a centralized location.

If it doesn’t work out Stange will revisit with the council members.