Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2012

Randolph church makes big improvements

RANDOLPH — St. Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church has recently made several improvements to its campus. The upgrades were started in late-May and have now continued into August.

A new bell system was donated to the church. The old bell system was not working correctly.

Also, eight new light poles were installed around the church, which will provide needed light in the night hours. A roundabout was built in the south lawn of the church. This new roundabout will make getting into church much more accessible for elderly or disabled people.

New cement was also placed around the church. More parking stalls and an extra sidewalk were all installed, making the cemented area much safer.

The St. Jane Frances Catholic Cemetery north of town has seen its own share of improvements. A new fence was placed around the cemetery grounds, giving it a more finished look. Several dead trees were cut and taken down in an effort to clean up the grounds. All of the improvements at the cemetery have provided a beautification of the area.

The St. Jane Frances CCD Center has recently been painted. Also, new windows are on the agenda to be placed in the building. This will help with heating and air conditioning costs, since the windows are old and inefficient.

St. Jane Frances parishioners have donated generously to the projects. There have been numerous positive comments about the improvements to the church’s campus. Fr. Mike Swanton is grateful for the generous support and hard work of everyone.

“These projects seem to have breathed a new life in our parish, creating a renewed sense of pride in our facilities and the church campus as a whole,” said Swanton. “It has given us a new desire to serve.”

With the new cement, roundabout, light poles, bell system, fence, and paint, St. Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church has seen multiple improvements, which keep the church up-to-date, safe and accessible.

There are only a few minor projects to complete in order to finish the upgrades to the church’s campus. They are expected to be completed within the next few weeks.