Published On: Fri, Jun 2nd, 2017

New trees now surround Randolph Veterans Memorial Baseball Park

RANDOLPH — The baseball field has a new look these days.
Twenty-eight hybrid spruce trees were planted by Midwest Tree of Hartington last week serving as a new backdrop behind the Legion baseball outfield.
The four-foot trees were the results of an effort by the Randolph Parks and Recreation board members to solicit donations over the winter to rebuild the ballpark.
Co-chairmen Scott Backhaus and Tim Kint were on hand to help in planting and were pressed into service to round up garden hoses to keep water on the new trees during the first week following transplanting.
The trees are a new hybrid Spruce variety and will reach a height of 20 feet.
“The Randolph FFA is fabricating metal stands to be placed at the foot of each tree for a dedication plaque.  Individuals and families donating trees wanted to recognize community members and families through this program,” Backhaus said.
The trees are part of an overall program to rejuvenate both ballparks for the increasing number of teams and games being played each summer.
“When I was a kid, these ball parks and Legion baseball in particular were a summer time ritual,” Kint said.  “We’ve got over 100 kids in this year’s summer youth program plus kids coming in from other towns, too, so we’re planning for the future now.”