Published On: Thu, May 15th, 2014

First teaching job lasts 39 years for Randolph teacher

RANDOLPH — A lot has happened for Kim Romohr since he arrived in Randolph for his first teaching job 39 years ago.

Romohr fell in love and married the lady who was teaching fifth grade at the school at that time.

He and his wife, Beth, stayed on at the Randolph School and made their home in Randolph.

Their three daughters, Melissa and twins, Jennifer and Janelle, have all graduated from Randolph High School.

Romohr said he has enjoyed working at the school and living in the Randolph area.

“I felt welcomed, comfortable and respected when I came to Randolph,” Romohr said. “I liked it or I wouldn’t have stayed.”

Romohr grew up on a farm near Gresham, located in York County. After graduating from Gresham High School, he attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Romohr began teaching English and social studies to junior high students.
Later, he taught just English to junior high and high school students.

Romohr’s students have been given an education that included grammar, literature and composition.
He compared English to a three-legged stool.

“It is important to strike a balance between the three. You can tend to concentrate on
the area that is your strongest, but you are doing a disservice to the
students if you don’t teach all three,” he said.

Romohr stepped into the position of head golf coach at the Randolph School in 1993.

“I have enjoyed it,” Romohr said. “After spending a day in the classroom it is nice to get outside in the fresh air, although it can be hectic at times.”

Romohr has turned in his resignation and will not be returning to the classroom in the fall.

He will be able to enjoy his retirement years along with his wife, who retired from the Randolph School system six years ago.

The couple will be staying in the Randolph area for now.

“We will be here for the time being, although our options are open,” he said.

Romohr will have extra time to enjoy collecting coins, reading, fishing and golfing.

The couple will also spend some time visiting family members, which include daughters in Omaha, Lincoln and Tennessee.

“Our daughter in Tennessee has our only grandchild,” he said.

Romohr is looking forward to one other thing in his retirement years.

“The nice thing is there will be no more lesson plans that I have to do for the next 20 years,” he said.