Published On: Wed, Mar 22nd, 2017

City turns to Cedar County for help with flood control

HARTINGTON — Cedar County Commissioners have received a unique offer from the City of Randolph.
The offer involves an agreement for sharing some resources between the two entities.
Randolph is in the process of moving ahead with a Flood Risk Management Project that would remove a large portion of the city from the flood plain.
Randolph Economic Development Coordinator Gary Van Meter and Ken Berney, Assistant General Manager for the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District talked to board members about the waterway that comes into the City of Randolph along with a project that involves the replacement of a bridge located on the Cedar/Pierce County line west of Randolph and five of the bridges are within the city limits of Randolph.
Water from a 28.9 square mile area that includes Cedar and Pierce counties, along with a small area in Wayne County, drains into an approximate one square mile area in Randolph, according to Van Meter. A presentation by Van Meter showed photos of the waterway and the bridge located west of the city on the county line.
A project is being put in place to widen approximately one and one-fourth mile of the Middle Logan Creek channel and modifying six bridges to reduce the risk of property damages and the loss of lives from floods in the City of Randolph. At the completion of the project, a large portion of the city can be removed from the flood plain. Requirements and regulations due to being located in the flood plain have restricted growth for the city according to Van Meter.

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