Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2013

City looks at well; discusses economic development

RANDOLPH — Randolph City Council members took time to hash over which equipment would best meet the needs for a city well along with how the equipment would be paid for during the July 3 City Council meeting.

Randolph City employee John Huff talked to board members about the well.

He explained the pros and cons of purchasing a VFD or a CLA valve.

The VFD saves energy, only uses the power the system needs, does not require winterizing, and has a five year on-site warranty. The cost runs close to $21,000.

A CLA valve would cost more to operate, needs winterizing and has a one season warranty. The cost would be right at $14,000.

The big question for board members was how to pay for the project.

Board members looked through figures in the city budget.

“Something has to be done. We either have to repair the motor or put in a new one,” Huff said. “A VFD is a little more expensive but it would save money in the long run.”

After a lengthy discussion board members agreed on the VFD which is a higher amount.

“It sounds like we would end up spending the money anyway,” Chad Winkelbauer said.

Members of the Economic Development Committee have met.

The committee will start meeting twice a month to work on putting a Comprehensive Community Plan together for the city.

According to Councilman Tim Lemmons it would be good if the City of Randolph had an economic director in the office that could work on putting a plan in place.

“This is a busy time of the year. It will be hard but we need to try and speed up the process to put the data together,” Lemmons said. “It takes time and we are twenty years behind. Other towns are starting to see the fruits of their labor in economic development.”

Lemmons presented a copy of a Comprehensive Plan that is being looked at.

“The plan tells where the town wants to go,” Lemmons said.

The logo which will be painted on the city water tower was discussed.

Board members talked about moving the location of the logo a little to the northwest.

Police Chief Gary Umburger asked board members to put their stamp of approval on the newly revised Personnel Policy for the Randolph Police Dept.

“I have been here going on 16 years and it has never been done,” Umburger said.

City Attorney Lance Carlson will review the Personnel Policy before any action is taken by board members.

The Personnel Policy for the Randolph Police Department includes 166 pages.

It has been updated and approved by the Law Enforcement Training Center.

Board members placed their approval on the building permit filed by Kendal Kuhl.

Kuhl’s permit is for a pole building according to City Administrator Cinda Jones.

“He will be doing everything he needs to do to satisfy the flood plain requirements,” Jones said.

In other action board members approved a building permit for Walter Aschoff.

The permit is for construction of a motel along Hwy 20 in Randolph.