Published On: Thu, May 29th, 2014

City invites public to Town Hall meeting on June 4

RANDOLPH — Community officials are inviting the public to a town hall meeting June 4, at 7:30 p.m., at the city auditorium. The meeting will be held immediately following the monthly city council meeting at city hall, so Mayor Schutt and council members can also be on hand for the event.

The June 4 presentation will cover the newly proposed zoning codes. The proposed codes will be a part of the Comprehensive Plan being constructed for Randolph by the mayor-appointed Planning Committee. Zoning codes are a necessary part of organized community planning. Among other things zoning codes identify geographic areas for residential and commercial development. Building codes and organized planning for community growth is blueprinted into the zone text.

The town hall meeting is an opportunity for the public to meet with community leaders to offer input for the proposed zoning code. When finished, the zoning will be passed into ordinance by the city council making Randolph eligible for new programs designed for community development. Numerous programs are not eligible to communities without a Comprehensive Plan. The Plan demonstrates the community has “skin in the game” for organized, efficient growth in the future.

The members of the planning committee are Rick Alderson, Sandy Burbach, Mike Dowling, John Huff, Crystal Junck, Mark Korth and Andy Thelen. The seven-member committee has been meeting since early spring to construct the Plan. Each member offers diversity and unique perspective to the group. Professions include agriculture, construction, city infrastructure, business, home ownership, finance, fire safety

and emergency planning have made for a well rounded program to address the needs of community residents.

Many communities will contract with an outside engineering firm to craft a Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinances. Typically, those plans can exceed $35,000. Randolph chose to make their plan a community project and is expected to cost a small fraction of that amount. Current projected costs are less than $1,000 by using the volunteer work of the committee and Gary Van Meter, Randolph community developer. By doing the work “in-house” and inviting the public for input, the City hopes citizens will take more ownership when the Plan is completed.

If you cannot attend the June 4 meeting, other meetings will be scheduled as various phases of the of Plan are drafted.