Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

City Council raises Auditorium rates; discusses economic development

RANDOLPH — Rates to rent the City Auditorium will be going up.

Board members reviewed and discussed the current rates during the Sept. 4 City Council meeting.

The last time rates for using the Auditorium changed were 2008, according to City Administrator Cinda Jones.

“These are small numbers in the scheme of things — especially when you look at the cost of a wedding,” Councilman Brad Bargstadt said.

Changes on rates will include the following:

Main hall, for meetings – will be $100 (was $75)

Reception – $175  (was $125)

Reception and dance – $250  (was $195)

Set up days to decorate – $10 per day

Auctions, hall and tarp – $160  (was $125)

Equipment deposit was kept at $100.

The new rates will take affect Jan 1, 2014.

City Council members want to bring economic development to Randolph.

Board members discussed the need to hire a full-time Economic Development Director.

Council member Tim Lemmons would like to see someone in place by the end of the month.

“This will give the town an edge up,” Lemmons said. “Opportunities will open up for growth and a chance to bring businesses into town.”

Board members agreed to place an ad in the newspaper in an effort to fill the position.

Board members are looking for an individual who has a minimum of three years experience in economic development and who has graduated from an accredited college with a degree in a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience in the field of economic development.

Board members discussed a request for compensation due to the delayed delivery of the city’s used garbage truck to the party who had purchased the truck early this year.

The delivery date for the garbage truck the city had purchased, which would be used in place of the older truck, was approximately two months late.

The delay resulted in a late delivery date for the party who had purchased the city’s used garbage truck.

The company paid the City of Randolph $54,000 for the garbage truck in February, but the vehicle was not in the hands of the new owner until two to three months later.

The delay caused a loss of income.

“I don’t think it was fair for them,” Bargstadt said.

An attempt will be made to work something out.

Board members will make contact with the company where the purchase had been made for the newer garbage truck.

The bid for the garbage truck had included an estimated time of delivery.

The City received good news on the test results on the well for the city park.

Nitrates in the well have been tested on a quarterly basis for over ten years, according to Jones.

“The nitrate level has gradually decreased on the well for the park. We will now be back to an annual check, not quarterly,” Jones said. “This is good news.”

The other city well is tested annually as the results have always been good, according to Jones.

Council members gave their approval on a Special Designated License for Jerry’s Hilltop. The license will be in effect at the City Auditorium Oct. 19 for the Mystery Dinner Theatre which will be hosted by the Randolph Arts Council.

City Police Chief Gary Umburger submitted a report on police activity.

The police department dealt with a couple of missing kids, multiple parking violations, vandalism at the park and a fireworks complaint.

“When there are fire works issues, I always stop and tell the people that complaints have been received. They have always stopped,” Umburger said. “I have not had any problems.”

Council members, city administrator and the city attorney went into executive session to deal with personnel and possible litigation shortly before 7:30 p.m.

No action taken when they came out of the session.