Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

Bus grant gives area fire departments a good training opportunity

The Belden and Randolph Volunteer Fire Departments recently held a joint firemen’s training session on a school bus. The bus had to be demolished as part of a $20,000 grant Randolph Public School received from the Department of Environmental Quality to replace an older “dirty” diesel bus with a new one.

RANDOLPH — The Randolph and Belden fire departments coordinated and conducted a school bus extrication exercise last week to test out their updated tools and formulate a plan for future emergencies.
Randolph Fire Chief Jim Scott said the Randolph Fire Department recently acquired cordless extrication tools, which will help streamline the process in the event of an actual emergency. He said multiple firefighters can be performing different tasks at the same time, which was once impossible with the corded tools.
“The speed is much faster,” Scott said.
The two fire departments used a standard school bus slated to be demolished donated by the Randolph Public School Board. Scott is the vice president of the Board.
Randolph Public Schools Supt. Jeff Hoesing said the bus was being replaced by a newer demo model, which would help cut down on air pollution.
Hoesing said the school received a grant last fall from the Department of Environmental Quality to replace any older diesel engine bus currently being used on a route.

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