Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2013

Building permit for new motel in Randolph is approved

RANDOLPH — A new motel is on the horizon for Randolph.

Randolph City Council members placed their approval on the building permit for the new motel during the July 3 Randolph City Council meeting.

Construction of the proposed 10-unit motel, which will be located on the south side of Hwy 20 on the west side of Randolph, will be completed by Aschoff Construction, Osmond.

The project has the potential to reward local investors and add value to the Randolph community, according to Walter Aschoff, who met with council members.

Aschoff presented copies of the site plan, which includes the elevations that will be used along with a copy of the survey that has been done on the property where the new motel will be located.

“The plan includes having 21-foot set-backs from the east and south property lines, which is more distance than is required,” Aschoff said. “We are working with the State Department of Roads to get an easement for entry off of the highway.”

Aschoff acknowledged the plans for the motel were moving ahead a little faster than he had originally thought.

“It started coming together pretty fast. We are putting together a group of local investors,” Aschoff said. “We have already started moving some dirt. An orange fence has been put up around the property and the dirt is being kept within the property lines.”

Councilman Scott Wattier asked about the security and water runoff for the project.

Aschoff assured board members everything would be taken care of.

“Security lights can be installed. Water can be drained off to the side,” Aschoff said. “We are willing to do whatever needs to be done.”

Loren Wessel, who owns property that adjoins the site where the motel will be located, wanted to know if a privacy fence would be installed and if the sewer would be able to handle the extra volume.

According to Aschoff, the motel will use less water than a household of four.

Wessel also wanted to make sure the property lines for his real estate and the site for the motel were correct on the survey that had been completed.

As a goodwill effort Aschoff said he would pay for the cost that would be involved for Wessel to have a survey done on his property.

“I am from a small town like this one. We will do whatever it takes to get along with you guys and the neighbors,” Aschoff told council members.

Wessel said several people were surprised when they saw the area had been fenced off and dirt was being moved.

“They wondered what was going on,” Wessel said.

City Attorney Lance Carlson said there are no legal requirements that state letters have to be sent to adjoining land owners or neighbors.

The project also meets city requirements for setbacks.

The proposed Randolph motel will be similar to the Hill Street Inn, Osmond; Cattlemen’s Lodge and Suites, Wisner; and the Comfort Ridge Inn and Suites, Madison, according to Aschoff.

The close proximity of the proposed motel and convenience store can allow for a unique form of motel management at the new motel in Randolph. Motel management can be conducted at the convenience store sales counter versus in a motel lobby.

The motel will provide DSL wireless or cable internet, as well as cable TV and local phone access. There will be two queen-sized beds in each room. A laundry facility, which can be used by guests, will be in the building.

The location on Hwy 20, and the basic need for motel lodging for local activities, lends itself to the viability of the motel, he said.

Proposed weekday room rates are $54 per room and an additional $5 per night for the second person. Weekend rates will be a little higher. Long term rates can be negotiated, he said.