Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2012

Brunssen takes personal hobby, interest to a competitive level

RANDOLPH — A student from Randolph Public Schools has had many achievements in the sport of archery. Grant Brunssen, who will be a freshman at Randolph High School this fall, is the son of Warren and Debbie Brunssen.

Brunssen became interested in archery because it was introduced in a PE class taught by Mark Anderson. Here, students were able to learn a bit about the sport and develop an accurate shot.

Anderson then got Grant in contact with Randy Latimer, Pierce, because of his interest in the sport. Brunssen joined the Pierce County Shooting Club, led by Latimer, two years ago. In the past two years, Brunssen has competed in several archery events across the state of Nebraska.

Brunssen competes in both indoor and outdoor archery contests. The contests feature different target ranges. The competitors shoot about 120 arrows at a typical event.

Brunssen is very passionate about the sport. He has targets at his home with which he practices often. He also attends practices with the Pierce County Shooting Club every other Tuesday night in the wintertime. When spring arrives, the group, which has around 15 members, moves to an outdoor range for practice.

Brunssen noted how he appreciates being a part of the club. He said his favorite part of participating in the sport is meeting several new friends with the same interests. He also said that Latimer has given him great expertise on his form and technique.

“Mr. Latimer is an awesome coach,” said Brunssen.

Brunssen’s practice and dedication to archery have paid off. He won the Norfolk Archery Club 3-D shoot contest. In June, he received ninth place in the state archery contest in Grand Island. Grant has received multiple other trophies and ribbons for his achievements.

He recently purchased a new compound bow, because he outgrew his other one. He looks forward to the contests that he will competing in this fall. Someday, he hopes to make it to the national archery contests.