Published On: Thu, May 18th, 2017

Sun shines on community clean-up

A group of students gathers winter’s
collection of leaves at Poolside Park

OSMOND — Weather was just about perfect for the community clean-up day which took place on Friday, May 12. A project of Osmond Community School students and staff worked with City of Osmond maintenance personnel and community volunteers to rejuvenate selected places in town.
A number of places at the school found students picking up trash and pulling weeds. Posts and gates were given a new coat of paint.
Downtown, State Street crosswalks were re-marked, parking stripes were painted and yellow and blue curb areas were repainted from the medical clinic to the highway. The helipad landing space emblem was given a coat of paint.
The clean-up extended to Memorial Park and ball parks and Poolside Park where winter’s collection of sticks, branches and trash were removed and some flowers were planted.