Published On: Sun, Jan 1st, 2017

Osmond City Council reorganizes for 2017

OSMOND — The regular meeting of the Osmond City Council served as the reorganizational meeting for the council. Mayor James Bessmer and two members were reelected in November. Mayor Bessmer received 290 votes while Councilman Douglas A. Schmit received 243 votes and Councilman John R. Aschoff received 219 votes. All three of the individuals signed new oaths of office at the meeting.

Mayor Bessmer read a list of appointments, many of which are existing appointments. The complete list will be printed with the city minutes.

Council approved removing Christmas trees at no charge if put along the curb by Friday, Jan. 6.

Meeting dates were set for the year 2017. All dates are the second Monday of the month. Council approved the customary Christmas remembrances for employees.

Council approved allowing Pay Application No. 9 to Midland Plumbing in the amount of $9,414 for water meter installation.

Council discussed the need for a new grader and whether to purchase one or rent one. Council went on record agreeing to rent a grader from A & R Construction with the provision that a rental agreement be drafted.

Repairs needed at the city auditorium were discussed. Two sconces were broken and the west wall needs to be repainted. Changing stools in the restrooms were considered as was adding a baby changing station. The matter was turned over to Council Member Missy Hoppe for research.

Council advised that the well head protection agreement had been approved.

Council went into closed session at 8:22 p.m. to consider salary increases for 2017. Returning to open session, council reviewed the matter again. Motion was made to give each of the regular employees a 30¢ per hour increase for the year 2017, but not pool personnel, extra duty help and off street help. The motion carried on a 3-1 vote with Councilman John Aschoff voting “no.”

Council agreed not to “buy down” the workmen’s comp level to get a better rate.