Published On: Wed, Jun 21st, 2017

Moes named MVP in all-star game

NORFOLK — This past Friday night, June 16, showcased the best basketball talent in northeast Nebraska at the Boys’ Northeast Nebraska All-Star Basketball game. The game was played at the Cox Activities Center in Norfolk, and featured some of the top scorers in the state. Cole Moes of Osmond finished as the Dark team’s leading scorer and the Dark team’s MVP.

Unfortunately for the Dark team, most of the points in the first quarter were coming from the Light team. Players like Jake Young and Tyler Regan of O’Neill contributed at the beginning of the game, but most of the points came from Winnebago star David Wingett Jr., who tossed up three after three and even scored on a few dunks to make sure that the Light team started off on the right foot. After the first quarter, the score was 35-9.
The Dark team got settled into the game in the second quarter as Grant White and Tyson Belitz of Neligh-Oakdale were each able to hit their first two shots from the three-point line. Unfortunately for the Dark team, the Light team seemed to be able to go shot for shot once again in the second quarter. Going into half-time, the score got even more lopsided with a score of 60-26 in favor of the Light team.

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