Published On: Fri, Jul 14th, 2017

Grocery store dilemma

OSMOND — The dilemma of where Osmond residents without transportation can go for their groceries has, to an extent, been answered by a neighboring community.
Since Tiger Town Food and Floral was consumed by fire Sunday, many residents have been faced with the question of where to go for groceries. Those most affected by the loss of the town grocery store are the elderly and those without transportation.
Having just bought groceries, Osmond resident Theresa Rice said she is “set for a while,” but would probably go to Pierce.
Another senior citizen said she has children who can get groceries for her, but many others don’t have that option. She wondered if a grocery store in a nearby town would be willing to deliver here if they had a big enough order.
It seems that idea occurred to someone else, too. Main Street Grocery in Wausa is offering free delivery of groceries to Osmond residents.