Published On: Fri, Apr 7th, 2017

Foresters share tree-pruning tips

OSMOND — A group of about 20 persons from Osmond, Plainview, Pierce and Wausa gathered at the Osmond Fruit Orchard on Tuesday, March 28, to learn how to prune their fruit trees.
Pam Bergstrom, forester for the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD), and Steve Rasmussen, district forester for the Nebraska Forest Service, were on hand to give tips, answer questions and provide hands-on demonstrations about pruning and caring for fruit trees and shrubs. Osmond Tree Board member Norman Lorenz was also on hand.
Ms. Bergstrom explained how to prune fruit trees after the first few years of establishment. The amount of tree to prune should be about 10% to 20% of the total canopy of the tree, Ms. Bergstrom said. If you take more than that, you are going to cause the tree to become weak  because those branches are where the tree is making its food to live on, and if you take away too much of the food-producing branches, the tree will suffer, she added. “You can’t take too little, but you can take too much.”

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