Published On: Fri, Jun 23rd, 2017

Council hears summer youth concerns

OSMOND — The Monday, June 12, meeting of the Osmond City Council had four visitors, Tom Schmit, Amy Moes and LaVail Aschoff and Chris Wagner, representing Osmond Summer Youth Program girls’ softball teams, who spoke with council members. They requested the city’s help with entry fees of upcoming tournaments, which will be in amounts of $230 for district and $275 for state, respectively. There are currently four age groups involved in Summer Youth Program — ages 14 and under, 12 and under, 10 and under and 8 and under. Moes advised that, at this time, the 12-and-under team is the only group going to district and state tournaments. It was noted by Schmit that the organization has received a donation in the amount of $100 to help cover some of these expenses, but Mayor Bessmer suggested that they keep that dollar amount for the purchase of bottled water and other possible snacks for the girls’ team as they travel. The council voted to transfer $505 from the KENO account to pay for district and state fees.
Schmit thanked the council for taking such good care of the ball fields for the Summer Youth Program. Moes also extended appreciation for all that the city workers have done to keep the ball fields looking so well manicured. She then advised the council that there is a real need for a public restroom located at the ball field. She has been approached by the HOME Team, which said that they would be 100% behind the project and they would support necessary efforts to move forward, being highly motivated with fund-raising ideas.

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