Published On: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

City receives $1,138 from ACE

LINCOLN — ACE, the Public Alliance for Community Energy, is distributing $1,138.83 to the City of Osmond as its share of $200,000 being distributed through ACE’s revenue return program to the 72 Nebraska member communities of the not-for-profit, community-owned natural gas supplier.
Through the program, the ACE board of directors may return excess revenue beyond the cost of operating the organization to its member communities. The board approved the distribution at its board meeting earlier this year. Since forming in 1998, ACE has returned more than $1.8 million to its Nebraska members, including $13,002.91 to Osmond. The funds are used in various ways to benefit each ACE member community.
“The formation of ACE was to provide local control regarding competitive natural gas pricing,” said Beth Ackland, ACE director of retail gas services. “The added benefit of having money returned to Nebraska communities is a direct result of ACE being not-for-profit and community-owned.”

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