Published On: Thu, Sep 21st, 2017

Usage of LCC facility is debated

LAUREL —  Regulating the use of the school facility became a lengthy topic during the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School board meeting on Sept. 11.
Those who have paid for a membership in the Fitness Center located in the middle school and in the high school allows the holder to have access to the old gym at the high school and to the gym located in the Middle School.
Supt. Randall Klooz said he had a person ask if kids can come to the new gym during off hours and practice shooting baskets.
Klooz had received legal advice to contact the school’s insurance company and ask if the school’s insurance would cover this.
“It is my understanding, as of now, the school’s insurance will not cover this,” he said.
Klooz asked board members “How they would like to proceed and how much of a risk do we want to take in our facility use policy”.
Board members and Klooz discussed regulating the use of the school facility due to liability issues.
A number of questions were raised relating to the use of the school gyms.
Do we need to have a teacher in the gym whenever there are kids in the gym?  What happens if there is an injury during his supervision?
Does the school want to hire someone to supervise the gym during certain hours for “open gym”?
Would age limits be included with this?
The Building and Grounds Committee had discussed this but has not made any recommendations to the school board.
Groups are still able to use the school facility, like the Laurel Rec Club programs and Boy Scouts, who just need to fill out the facility use agreement like they have done in the past to be approved.
“Our goal isn’t to keep people or kids from using a gym but we need to look at liability issues to keep the kids safe. We need to have a policy in place for this,” Klooz said.
Bus routes are complete and the safety plan has been updated according to High School Principal Heath Johnson.
“We have updated our safety plan,” Johnson said. “We will be running some safety drills.”
Johnson and Don Maxwell, LCC Industrial Tech teacher, have been looking at some options for the students.
“We looked at some different tool upgrades that he is interested in for his students,” Johnson said.
Johnson and Maxwell had also talked about taking advantage of “Fridays at Northeast”. The program is an opportunity for high school seniors to spend Fridays on the Northeast Community College campus as college students using the lab spaces and classrooms. The classes allow an introduction to a variety of technical programs.
“The kids can participate and learn new things. This can help kids to look at areas they might want to go into for a career after high school. The program is reserved for upper classman, usually senior students,” Johnson said. “The kids would drive themselves to Norfolk for the classes.”
A change is being made this year for the Parent/Teacher Conferences for the Middle School according to Principal Jay Vance.
All of the teachers will be in the gym at a table. Parents will have the opportunity to talk to each teacher.
“The teachers are in agreement with this,” Vance said.
Vance reported 18 students had signed up for the Drivers Education this past summer.
Nine students had taken part in the Level III summer program. Eight students are now enrolled in Level III program for the school year which includes students from the Hartington-Newcastle School and from the L-C-C School.
“The price adjustment that had been made for the Level III program may have affected the enrollment numbers this year,” Vance said.
School board member Betty Jo Leapley had recently attended a Labor Relations Conference that had been held in Lincoln.
An attorney talked about praying at school activities.