Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2013

School Board accepts resignation at meeting

COLERIDGE — A familiar face will be missing for the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge students and staff.

Matt Carley, Technology Coordinator and an instructor for Social Science Distance Learning classes, has been at the school for the past 13 years.

Supt. Randall Klooz has spent the last couple of weeks working on a plan to take care of the Technology Coordinator position.

“Mr. Carley talked to me about two weeks ago. We feel comfortable that we can fill that position without affecting the students,” Klooz said. “We cannot totally fill Mr. Carley’s shoes but we have a pretty good plan in place.”

The school has an applicant for Tech Coordinator that can finish out the 2013-14 school year starting in January.

High School Principal Jay Vance and Becky Miller, who is currently employed as a special education instructor and also works part-time in Instructional Technology, are willing to step in and help fill the void during the month of December.

“Mr. Carley said he would be willing to come back and help out if we need him. He will continue to teach the two Social Science distance education classes in an inter-local agreement,” said Klooz.

Klooz had previously spoken to the board members about creating a full-time Instructional Technology position at the school.

“My recommendation would be to hire Becky Miller for the Instructional Technology full-time position. She would be working closely with the new hire for the Technology Coordinator position,” Klooz said.

Another person will be ready to step into the special education spot that Miller would be leaving.

The applicant had previously worked the special education students at the school.


The Technology program is important for the students at LCC.

“We want to have a good system in place for our kids. It will help them in the future,” Klooz said. “We just have to get past these first few months. When everyone is in place we can build a vision for technology in our school system.”


School board members reluctantly accepted Carley’s resignation which will become effective on Dec. 1.

Coleridge school board member Marlin Papenhausen had some concerns with having the Tech Coordinator leave the school.

“We do not want to get behind with technology. If you have a plan, that’s good,” Papenhausen said. “I want to thank Mr. Carley for all he has done for the schools. He has been a good asset for the school.”


Mr. Carley has been in the school system for 13 years according to Coleridge board member Betty Jo Leapley.

“He has done a good job. I don’t want to stand in his way when he has this opportunity,” Leapley said.

“Mr. Carley will be missed by everyone,” according to Laurel school board member Rich Brandow.