Published On: Thu, May 15th, 2014

New teachers, coaches hired for next school year

COLERIDGE —  Laurel-Concord and Coleridge School board members dealt with the hiring process for two new teachers and two coaches at the May 12 board meeting.

Decisions were also made concerning purchases on computers, iPads, buses and new bleachers.

Katie Kleinschmit, a Coleridge High School graduate, was hired for the high school special education position and Katelyn DeHaan, who is graduating from Iowa State University, will fill the vacancy in the Ag position for the 2014-15 school year.

Todd Erwin, Laurel, will be the boys’ basketball coach and Jordan Taylor, Norfolk, will step in as the head football coach, according to Athletic Director Scott Petersen.

“We also need to fill the assistant coach position for girls’ basketball,” Petersen said.

Supt. Randy Klooz thanked Petersen for all of the work he had done.

“Mr. Petersen has been very thorough on this. He has done a good job,” Klooz said.

“We have hired the best candidates.”

Board members accepted the resignation of Paul Wemhoff who has been the head custodian for Laurel-Concord and Coleridge Schools.

Wemhoff worked for the school system for 13 years. He started working for the Coleridge School in September of 2001 and later became employed by both schools.

An open house/retirement party will be held Thursday, from 2:30-3:30 p.m. for Paul, his wife, Diane Wemhoff, and Craig Frerichs, who are all retiring.

Klooz talked to board members about a proposed lease purchase with Apple for the next three years.

The school will be purchasing 125  computers for high school students, 45 computers for teachers and 90 iPads for elementary students and teachers.

The computers that are currently being used by high school students will be moved down to the Middle School.

The iPads the school has will go down to the lower elementary level.

Board members agreed to keep the laptops they are currently using.

“It would be better to get the new computers and iPads out to the students,” Jay Hall said.

The computers need to be ordered by June in order to have them by the start of the 2014-15 school year.

Klooz was told by a representative at Apple that the computers could last six years.

“That would be awesome if they last six years,” Klooz said.

Two school buses will be purchased.

Two bids that had been received for the school bus purchase were opened on Friday, May 9, at 3:00 p.m., according to Klooz.

Each bid came in right at $87,400.

The bid that included a bus with a bigger engine and transmission was approved. The company has offered to throw in a radio and LDD lights for the back of the bus for the same price.

A plan is in place to gather all of the buses from the two schools at one location.

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