Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

Missionary speaks at United Lutheran Church

LAUREL — The United Lutheran Church of Laurel welcomed Missionary Micah Berger and his family July 9 to speak during their service.
Micah is a full-time missionary serving in Uganda, Africa. He serves with Association of Free Lutheran Congregations World Missions, based in Minneapolis.
While on furlough, they were able to attend the Free Lutheran Youth convention in Estes Park, in early July.
The United Lutheran Youth group from Laurel also attended the convention. On their way home from Colorado, the Bergers stopped to speak at the Laurel church, before heading back to Minnesota.
Micah is originally from Wadena, Minn. He began his ministry in Uganda as a short-term missionary from 2011-2015. He was commissioned as a full time Missionary in June of 2014 and returned to serve in Uganda. Micah met his future wife Famke, who is originally from the Netherlands, while she was serving in Uganda home-schooling missionary children. She adopted her Ugandan daughter, Naomi, prior to meeting Micah.
Micah and Famke established their training base in Karenga, located in the northeast corner of Uganda, which is a Christian nation, unlike neighboring countries.
Micah worked with the Ambassador Institute of Uganda. This institute offers a two-year course to teach Bible stories to the people of Uganda.
The training is done using the parables of the Bible and questions to teach that Jesus also used. Classes are held in the native language. The benefits to teaching in their own culture keep families together, continue their vocations and they can go on to lead their churches.
When the Berger’s return to Uganda in December, they will work in the town of Karenga. They have been learning their native language of Karamajong and building relationships with the local leaders. The plan is to start an Ambassador Institute class when they return.
An interesting fact shared by the Bergers, in Uganda, the children will play and eat termites, otherwise known to them as white ants. A special flower blooms and draws the termites to the surface and children will grab the termites, put them in water, pull their wings off and eat them. They also can fry them.
The Berger’s bible verse they share is 2 Thessalonians 3:1
“Finally brothers, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored just as it was with you.”
They ask for God’s guidance upon the expansion of the Ambassador Institute in Uganda, provision of continued prayer and financial support, to be able to learn the language, for safety and health, and their time in the U.S. here.