Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

Look out for phone scam for Lifeline

WAYNE — Providence Medical Center in Wayne announces that the Philips Lifeline company that supplies the hospital’s Lifelines has learned of a new fraudulent fundraising scam that has been targeting the Lifeline Programs falsely claiming to be a Philips Lifeline representative.

The caller addresses the customer by name and informs them that a portion of the Lifeline payment goes to help children at the hospital.  The caller then asks the client if they would help the children by sending additional donations and asks for a credit card number.

Providence Medical Center and the Philips Lifeline company want to remind everyone that Philips Lifeline and Providence Medical Center do not engage in telemarketing of this kind.  The unauthorized telemarketers making these claims do not represent Philips Lifeline and therefore should be disregarded.

Philips Lifeline is currently investigating this issue and contacting consumer protection organizations to report this deceptive activity.

If you are contacted by telemarketers claiming to represent Philips Lifeline, do not provide credit card or bank information, and request contact information from the calling party.

Consumers or Philips Lifeline subscribers who have received these calls may contact Philips Lifeline with any questions at 800-635-6156 or Providence Medical Center in Wayne, Nebraska at 402-375-3800 and ask for Sharyl or Jacki.