Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2013

LCC will stay with 11-man football

LAUREL — Even though an expected drop in enrollment numbers would have allowed a move to eight-man football, school board members from both schools voted Monday to stay with 11-man football.

Board members followed the recommendation of a committee that had looked at the current enrollment figures, along with the expected student numbers that will be coming up and had discussed the options of staying with 11-man or moving to eight-man football.

Committee members had worked with Athletic Director Scott Petersen and administrative staff according to Laurel-Concord School board member John Wolfgram.

“We discussed the future — we looked at the numbers that are coming up.

We could go to eight-man, but if the enrollment numbers go back up then we would not be eligible for playoffs in eight-man football,” Wolfgram said. “We thought it would be best to stay at 11-man.”

Laurel-Concord board member Jay Hall would like to see the numbers increase on the LCC football team.

“We have the boys, we just need more participation,” Hall said.

Committee members had discussed the need to encourage students to become involved in activities, as well as ways to support the students academically according to Wolfgram.