Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2013

LCC enrollment figures released

LAUREL —  Enrollment figures for Laurel-Concord-Coleridge students held steady from last year to this year.

This year’s total enrollment for LCC shows a drop of only four students from the 2012 figures.

A total of 412 LCC students are enrolled in grades K-12 for this year. The 2012 fall total enrollment was at 416.

Approximately 26 percent of the LCC students in K-12 are from the Coleridge School District this year. Laurel-Concord brings 307 students into the mix and Coleridge has 105 students.

Student numbers for the LCC School system have dropped by 17 students in the last three years. The 2010 figures included 429 LCC students, which was comprised of 328 Laurel-Concord students and 101 Coleridge students.

The inter-local agreement between Laurel-Concord and Coleridge School Districts has provided a quality education for the students, said Supt. Randy Klooz

“Having both school districts pull their resources together has created a stronger education for the students,” Klooz said. “Utilizing the resources from both districts has been good.”

For 2013-14 school year 40 Coleridge students in elementary grades K-4 will be bused to Laurel and join up with 136 L-C elementary students for classes.

Thirty-four students from the Coleridge District meet up with 81 L-C students at the high school in Laurel.

The Middle School, which is located in Coleridge, carries an enrollment of 90 L-C students along with 31 Coleridge students.

Enrollment for the LCC High School should stay strong next year with 32 seniors graduating in the spring of 2014, along with 32 eighth graders moving into high school in the fall of 2014.

Laurel-Concord and Coleridge School Districts have been connected through inter-local agreements for 11 years, now.

Laurel-Concord and Coleridge School Districts began working together in 2002 when an inter-local agreement was formed to share services, equipment and personnel. Students also took advantage of classes through Distance Learning.

A Middle School was created for the 2010-11 school year. Laurel-Concord and Coleridge students in grades 5-8 attend the Middle School.

Coleridge elementary and high school students attend classes with the Laurel-Concord students at the Laurel location.

Laurel-Concord and Coleridge School board members are currently looking at bringing the two school districts together in a consolidation.