Published On: Thu, May 2nd, 2013

Laurel – Concord time capsule will be opened soon

LAUREL — It is time for the Laurel-Concord seniors to open a time capsule that was buried seven years ago.

The 2013 Laurel-Concord seniors were in fifth grade when they gathered items for the time capsule, which was later buried on the Steve Schmitt farm place a few miles southwest of Laurel.

Chuck Potosnyak was their teacher.

The plan was for the students to open the time capsule with its historic cache of items and information when they graduated from high school.

Senior student Demi Schutte remembers the day her classmates put all of the items in the time capsule although she is unsure on what was placed in the capsule.

“Some of the students wrote notes about the class. We included a class picture, corn suckers and some of the girls put in some money,” Schutte said. “Back then, it seemed like it would be a long time before the time capsule would ever be opened.”

Ryan Lunz is looking forward to opening the historic cache of items.

“It will be fun. Most of the students do not remember what they wrote in their notes. It will be interesting to find out,” Lunz said.

Lunz’s contribution to the time capsule was a smiley ball.

“It can be squeezed when you are having a bad day,” he said.

Lunz believes a Laurel Advocate and possibly an Omaha World Herald were among the items that were placed in the capsule.

A storage tote was used for the time capsule container.

“We duct taped around the edges so water or other things could not get in,” Lunz said. “We will see if it held.”

The items from each student were placed in individual zip-lock bags and each student’s name was written on their bag, said Nathan Schmitt.

“A Laurel Advocate was put in the container so the students would be able see how things have changed,” Schmitt said. “I put a baseball card in the time capsule.”

The time capsule was buried in the grove on Schmitt’s parents’ farm.

The Schmitt family will dig up the container and Nathan will bring the time capsule to school so it can be opened in the Library on Monday.