Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

Laurel-Concord School levy to drop

LAUREL — Laurel-Concord School board members are asking taxpayers for less money.

The 2013-14 property tax request for Laurel-Concord is close to $83,700 less than last year’s request.

The tax rate will drop from last year’s levy of .9554 down to this year’s levy of .7465.

Last years tax request was right at $3,861,470. The 2013-14 tax request was set at $3,777,777.

“This is a very reasonable budget,” Supt. Randall Klooz said. “We are not cutting any programs. We will still be working on building maintenance. We are slowing down the rate of growth in our cash reserve.”

Slowing down the rate of growth in the cash reserve is part of a three year trend for the district according to Klooz.

“We might not drop it as far next year,” Klooz said. “Our goal is to be better organized.”

L-C staff is in the process of taking a close look at the bus routes.

“We will be monitoring the bus routes. We are trying to make things better,” Klooz said.

State aid funds for the L-C School District will more than double last years amount.

The 2012-13 figure was at $44,000. L-C will secure $102,000 this school year.

The main reason for the increase in state funds was due to a large increase of students in the kindergarten class.

The assessed valuation for the L-C School district increased by over $78.6 million this year.

The 2013 valuation is right at $354.9 million while last years value was $276.2 million.