Published On: Thu, Jan 30th, 2014

Kvols hoping to educate people about the importance of agriculture

Farm Bureau voice for ag

LAUREL—Consumers may no longer know where all their food is coming from.

Many are disconnected from agriculture, according to Megan Kvols of Laurel.

The media has helped spread misinformation about food production, and now misconceptions flourish, Kvols said.

This situation can be changed if farmers, ranchers and others in the agriculture industry are willing to communicate about the issue, she added.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation is an organization helping people communicate about agriculture and celebrate the industry’s history and successes, according to Kvols.

“It’s the voice of farmers and ranchers across the state,” she said.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation is “one of the best kept secrets of the state,” Kvols added. “But it doesn’t need to be a secret.”

On Monday, Jan. 27, Kvols started working for the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation as the Northeast Regional Director of Membership. She will help county offices organize membership events and increase membership, while acting as a liaison between the counties and the state organization.

“I feel real honored that they have given me this opportunity,” Kvols said.

She is replacing Clark Kinnison of Pierce who retired in November.

It is important for farmers and ranchers to get involved in organizations like the Nebraska Farm Bureau, Kvols said.

“If you believe in what you do and your way of life, I think you should believe in Farm Bureau’s mission,” she said.

Agriculture is very important to Kvols. She and her husband, Greg, operate a corn and soybean farm near Laurel. They also have a daughter and two sons growing up on the farm.

“If they want to be involved in agriculture, I hope they are able to one day,” Kvols said.

Membership with the Nebraska Farm Bureau is helping Kvols ensure her family’s way of life is preserved.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation’s mission is “Strong Agriculture…Strong Nebraska.” It is the organization’s vision “to be the trusted voice for Nebraska farm and ranch families,” according to the website.

All types of people are members of the organization, not just farmers and ranchers, Kvols said. Agriculture is a broad and constantly changing industry that encompasses people in business, marketing and other industries, she added.

Combining people from different industries is one reason the organization is so strong, according to Kvols.

“The larger the group, the larger the voice,” she said.

One of Kvols top priorities is involving young people in the organization.

“It’s the young people that are going to keep Farm Bureau going,” she said.

Kvols and her husband were first introduced to the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation through its Young Farmers and Ranchers Program.

Family members Jason and Kathy Kvols and friends Brian and Amy Gould, all of Laurel, encouraged them to attend the 2013 Nebraska Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference in Norfolk last January, and they have been members of the organization ever sense.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation provides great networking and learning opportunities for members, Kvols said. Specifically, it helped her learn more about current agricultural policy and issues being discussed at a state and national level, she added.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau also has a separate financial services side of the organization, which more people are familiar with, Kvols said. The Nebraska Farm Bureau Financial Services provides insurance to members; however, overall the Nebraska Farm Bureau does much more than just providing insurance, according to Kvols.