Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

Gothier takes his love of cars to a different level with new business

Drew Gothier works to smooth out another part recently at his new body shop.

LAUREL — Drew Gothier has brought his passion for auto body back to his hometown by opening Gothier Body Shop. Gothier Body Shop is located on the south side of the old John Deere building.
Gothier shared he was “born and raised in Laurel.” He graduated from high school in 2008. After a semester spent at Wayne State, he transferred to Northeast Community College. While at NECC, he majored in auto body. He graduated from NECC in 2011. After college, Gothier knew he wanted to get some “real life” experience before he opened up his own shop. He worked for both larger and smaller auto body shops gaining many insights of the ins and outs of owning your own body shop. He said “It was always a dream of mine to come back to Laurel and open my own business.”
When asked what sparked Gothier’s interest in auto body, he shared that during high school he had a mustang that had gotten into a crash. His dad encouraged him to figure out a way to fix it on his own. This experience and philosophy helped spark a love and passion for auto body and painting cars. Gothier relayed that after fixing up his own car, it became a dream of his to one day open his own auto body shop in Laurel.

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