Published On: Wed, Jan 18th, 2017

Council looks at nuisance property, city projects

Laurel — A need to keep property looking good in Laurel was a concern at the Jan. 9 Laurel City Council meeting.
Ordinance 473 addresses the need for maintenance on property, according to Mayor Mark Patefield.
“The ordinance has been in place for a long time,” Patefield said. “When complaints are received, we make contact with the property owners.”
Police Chief Ron Lundahl and City Administrator Mark McCoy had driven through town and looked at some properties that are not being maintained.
“We had received a few complaints on property that was not being kept up,” McCoy said.
Letters will be sent to the according, to Lundahl.
“If they do not comply, we will have to take further action,” said Lundahl.
Lundahl submitted the monthly Police Department summary for December to board members.
It was a typical month, according to Lundahl.
Officers responded to two disturbances, two citizen complaints, four animal complaints, and one noise complaint. They gave out 12 warnings, and one fix-it ticket was issued. Two outside assists and one motorist assist were made. One-hundred building checks were done during the month. Three hours of officer training was completed.

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