Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

Council considers signs, hears safety report

LAUREL — Safety issues on streets and speed limits on the highway coming through Laurel are being addressed.

The south facing stop sign previously located on North Tolles Road has been moved to 870 Road facing east at the intersection of North Tolles Road and 870 Road. The sign now affects traffic coming from the west.

The change of location for a stop sign on North Tolles Road will enhance the flow of traffic and improve the safety of the intersection according to Police Chief Ron Lundahl.

A yield sign facing west, causing eastbound traffic on 870 Road to yield or stop to the traffic entering the intersection of 870 Road and North Tolles Road has also been put in place.

“I believe this will create a safer intersection for all motorists, both trucks and general vehicles,” Lundahl said.

The signage changes were done on a trial basis. Council members will be taking a vote on the ordinance for the signage change at the next meeting.

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