Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2013

Colorful discussion held over gym floor

COLERIDGE — A colorful discussion arose Monday when the subject of installing new bleachers and a gym floor arose during the Coleridge and Laurel-Concord joint School Board meeting.

L-C board members will meet to make the official decision on the colors and logo to be used in the gym floor and bleacher project.

“The decision has to be made before June 5,” Supt. Randall Klooz said.

L-C board members accepted a bid of just over $99,000 from Anderson Lab to replace the floor in the new gym. Anderson Lab will also be tearing out the old floor.

“Only one bid came through in a timely manner for the gym floor project. The bid is lower than what was expected,” Klooz said.

The gym is currently closed due to some safety issues with the floor according to  Klooz.

Three bids were received for the new bleachers in the gym.

Action was taken to accept a bid of $134,000 from Heartland Seating, Shawnee, Kan., for the new bleachers, which will be installed, and the old bleachers that have to be removed.

“They do not want anyone in the gym when the bleachers are being put in,” Klooz said.

Board members will look at replacing the bleachers in the multi-purpose gym at a later date.

A few of the board members have been hearing comments concerning the decision that will be made on the school colors and logo.

“I think this is a bigger issue than what we had originally thought,” Coleridge board member Brian Holcomb said.

Coleridge Board President Marlin Papenhausen said he will be visiting with the other board members during the next few weeks.

“I feel this goes a lot deeper than a mascot and some colors. There are some other issues that need to be worked out first,” Papenhausen said.

L-C board member Ryan Van Cleave had concerns on the time frame.

“We will be making some decisions on colors and a logo before the final decision is made on reorganization of the two districts. That concerns me,” Van Cleave said.