Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2013

City is looking for new ambulance

LAUREL — City Council members were informed the Laurel Rescue Squad is in immediate need of an ambulance at the Sept. city council meeting.

Jodie Thompson and Tim Hansen, spoke to council members concerning the need for a back-up ambulance.

Thompson had done research on grant funds that could be available although she has a concern on the lengthy process that is involved.

The application process would take six to twelve months or longer according to Thompson.

“I feel that with the number of calls coming in this is not sufficient,” she said.

Thompson asked board members to look at the volume of calls the Rescue Squad receives along with the calls that come in at the same time.

“It would be a minimum of thirty minutes before another town can get here to take a second call – that is not a good alternative,” Thompson said. “If someone has had a stroke, heart attack or a traumatic injury – there is not time to wait.”

The squad would like to get a unit in place as soon as possible according to Hansen.

“I have gone on a number of calls where we needed to take two ambulances out – especially on car accidents,” Hansen said.

Board members were invited to step outside and take a look at an ambulance that is for sale.


The 2003 ambulance has low mileage – between 46,000 to 48,000 miles according to Hansen.

The company which is located in Rock Rapids, IA, has new and used ambulances for sale.

“They refurbished the city’s last ambulance – we love it,” Hansen said.

The price tag for the used ambulance is right at $35,000.

Members of the Rescue Squad are willing to do some fund-raisers.

A local business is willing to help out.

“Julia at the Bear’s Den has already jumped on board. The Bears Den is trying to have a fund raiser in October – a portion of the proceeds will go towards the purchase of the ambulance,”

Board members placed their approval on an application that will be submitted to the NE Liquor Commissioner for a Special Designated License.

The Bear’s Den will be hosting a barbeque cook-off on Oct 19th.

The proceeds will be donated to the ambulance fund.

Applications for Downtown Revitalization funds were approved for the City Auditorium and the Laurel Advocate. The grant funds involve a 25 percent match.

Heather Eagle reported the Hillcrest Care Center showed a profit close to $21,000 last month.

Four building permits were approved:

Richard & Judy Carlson; 42’X20’ addition to house & 10’X4’ addition to porch

Schmitt Construction; 50’X80’ multi-purpose building, possible storage/office/partial rental

Tom & Tami Williams; garage replacement

Eugene Jussel; addition to fence.