Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2013

Board hears updates on Gym, parking lot

LAUREL — Laurel-Concord and Coleridge School board members took action to amend the contract for a school nurse, voted to keep the prices for school lunches the same as last year, heard an update on the L-C School gym project and discussed issues in the back parking lot at the school.

L-C-C school board members took action to amend the Educational Service Unit (ESU) contract for the 2013/14 school year.

The Elementary and High School in Laurel and the Middle School in Coleridge contracts the services of a nurse through the ESU according to Supt. Randall Klooz.

“With the amendment a nurse will be in our two school districts three out of five days a week,” Klooz said.

The cost for school lunches and breakfasts will be kept at the price as last year.


High school: $2.65

Middle School: $2.40

Elementary: $2.15

Free lunches or reduced lunches are available for families who qualify.

The number of students who receive free or reduced lunches at a school can help schools qualify for grants and can affect the amount of State Aid that is received.

“There are a lot of people that would quality for free lunch or reduced lunches but they do not sign up,” Klooz said. “It does help the school when more people sign up.”

Klooz gave an update on the progress being made on a new floor and replacing the bleachers in the gym at Laurel-Concord School.

The requirement of putting down a barrier has added some additional expense and extra time onto the project.

“It was necessary because of the previous issues of water seeping in under the floor,” Klooz said. “We have spent some pretty long hours in the gym.”

Klooz is hoping to be able to see kids on the floor for some shooting practice by Aug. 12.

“The bleachers will ship out on Sept. 16. We are still shooting to have everything done by Sept. 30,” Klooz said.

Board members discussed the problems along with possible solutions for the parking lot behind the school.

“We will do something, we don’t know what yet,” Klooz said.

Adding rock and gravel to the parking lot has not solved the problems in the past according to L-C board member John Wolfgram.

“We have continued to put rock and gravel on this but we never get a solid surface. We need to find a way to drain it,” Wolfgram said. “I think we need some hard surface in the parking lot especially near the entrances.”

Klooz will get some quotes for the parking lot and meet with the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Coleridge School board members will request approval from the State Board of Education for access to $30,767. Laurel-Concord board members will make a request for access to $92,658.

If the money is needed it would come out of cash reserves.

“This is just a cushion for unexpected expenses that may come up. We are looking at Obama health care issues, higher food expenses and other expenses that may come up,” Klooz said. “This does not mean we will be asking for more taxes or that the money will be spent.”

A Coleridge School All-class Reunion was held on July 6. Visitors toured the Middle School during the afternoon.

Coleridge School board member Karla Hansen said she had heard a lot of good comments on how well the Middle School looked.

The custodial crew has been spending extra time at the Coleridge location over the last few weeks according to Klooz.

“There is only a small window of time that can be used to complete the work that needs to be done for the rooms that are used for the Level III Program,” Klooz said.

Additional time will now be spent at the Laurel location.

L-C School board members and Coleridge School board members approved membership fees of $700 for each district for 2013/14 school year.

NRCSA is dedicated to serving the needs of rural schools by promoting quality educational programs for students in rural Nebraska.

NRCSA works some with the Nebraska Association of School Boards, said Coleridge board member Brian Holcomb.

“This is not something you would want to drop,” Holcomb said.