Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2013

Bittersweet end to an era of hairstyling

Sheryl Anderson

WAYNE — In a bittersweet situation, Sheryl Anderson is giving up hairstyling and retiring the name of her business, “The Headquarters”, a business that has been a part of the Wayne community for 37 years.

“I know I have to quit, but it is hard to quit something you love, and I love doing hair,” she said. Anderson, a 1974 graduate of Laurel-Concord High School, attended one year of schooling at Bahners Beauty School in Fremont right after graduation. “After graduation from beauty school, I came back to Wayne and worked for Jane Lubberstedt at Jane’s Beauty Shop in the trailer court for two years,” she said.

In 1977 she decided she would like to have her own shop. “I did a lot of men’s hairstyling and men did not want to go to a beauty shop. At that time, Monday nights were ‘Men’s Night’ when men came in for cuts, perms, etc. They did not want women coming into the shop then,” she said. Anderson first operated her business out of a house in the 300 Block of Main Street. “We fixed part of the house up into a shop with two sinks and two chairs for styling. I lived in the back of the shop for several years,” she said. Anderson’s business remained in that location for 17 years when the opportunity came to move to what was a former steak house on West Second Street.

“The building had been in a fire and was completely remodeled. I was able to choose which part of the building I wanted to be in and help with the plans for the area. When I moved to this location, I added tanning beds to the services I provided,” she said.

Anderson’s family includes two sons, Joel, who is married and lives in Lisbon, Iowa where he is a paramedic, and Justin, who lives in Mechanicsville, Iowa and works at Scheels in Iowa City. Health issues in recent years have kept Anderson from being able to do what she loves most and forced her to make the decision to sell her business.

“I have had a number of health issues, including being hospitalized for 67 days at one time, that have made me unable to work. On several other occasions, I was home bound for periods of time and have decided that I need to sell the business,” she said. Through the years Anderson has worked with generations of the same family and befriended many of her sons’ friends. “I am ‘Mama’ to lots of kids, many of them who still visit me today,” she said.

She has also been a listening ear to those who come into her shop with problems that they shared while getting a hair cut or style.

“We learned in school that there are three things we, as stylists, do not talk about – religion, politics and ourselves, unless asked. Through the years of styling hair, many of my clients have provided me with lots of fun memories that I will cherish,” she said.

In nearly four decades of hairstyling, Anderson said styles really haven’t changed a lot.

“Many of the styles come back in cycles. I remember the Farrah Fawcett bangs, the shag haircut and, for a time, I was famous for the Dorothy Hamill haircut. People would come to Wayne from other towns to get that cut,” she said.

Sheryl said in her ‘retirement’ she would like to get back to playing the piano and keyboard and reuniting with friends on Facebook.

“I would like to thank everybody who has come into my life in the past 39 years, for the love you have brought me and for the memories you have provided me,” Sheryl said.