Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

Baylor shares stories with LCC students, parents home

LAUREL — John Baylor is used to the roar from a crowd.

He has been the radio voice of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln volleyball team for the past 23 years, watching them  collect three of their four national titles in that timespan.

So, when Baylor entered the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge gymnasium to the roar of the crowd, he wasn’t surprised.

“Hello Scholars!” “Thanks for making China less confident,” he said as the crowd roared its approval.

Growing up in Lincoln, graduating high school in Concord, Mass. and college from Stanford University, he never dreamed he would be back in what he called, “The heart of the rural community.”

He told stories about true athletes he had met through the University of Nebraska Volleyball. Ones of inspiration, character and coming through genuine adversity.

“I am here to work with the junior class today.”  No sounds heard from the students. “Control your excitement!” he said.

John is the founder of John Baylor Prep.  This program prepares students in 400 schools and 23 states to take the ACT entrance exam for college.  JBP is proven to be effective, fun and as John demonstrated entertaining.

John Baylor challenged all students to graduate from a two or four-year college with minimal debt.

“Chase your dreams,” John challenged the audience. “My mantra is I make sure I do something fun and make a difference.”

“Take risks, work hard, discipline and success go together.” “Why isn’t everyone self-disciplined?” he asked. “Extra effort today, for pay off in the future.”

Baylor explained to the audience how technology is having an impact on the human labor force.

Technology is a competitor. He said 100 years ago, agricultural jobs made up 40 percent of the job work force.  Today, jobs in agriculture amount to just two percent of the national workforce.

The story was told about DeWitt, Nebraska, a town of 572 people which for 80 years was the home to makers of Vise-grip pliers.

In 2008, the company moved to China to stay competitive leaving over 300 people unemployed.

The point Baylor drove home to students was a high school diploma simply does not get a person the job it did years ago.

In the same breath, he said college should not create indebtedness.

“Finding a great college has nothing to do with the number of Instagram followers you have,” he said.

Baylor emphasized four points to finding the right college —  grades, high ACT scores, extracurricular activities and being a savvy college shopper.

Be a college shopper of at least seven colleges, he said. “Make them (colleges) sweat over you,”

If a student scores a 26 on the ACT it equates to a free ride scholarship to some colleges in Nebraska, he said.

The goal given to the audience again at the end from the speaker were for all students to go to a two or four-year college.

John Baylor Prep course is offered at the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge High School free of charge to students wanting to improve their scores on the ACT college entrance exam.

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