Published On: Wed, Jul 13th, 2011

Wynot, Newcastle will share Supt.

NEWCASTLE — Wynot and Newcastle schools have agreed to share a Superintendent.
Newcastle Principal and Guidance Counselor Joseph Lefdal, 38, was appointed superintendent for both Wynot and Newcastle Public Schools. Lefdal said his appointment has been approved by both the Wynot and Newcastle School Boards.

The two schools had been sharing Laurel-Concord School Supt. Rich Patton.
Lefdal recently received his Administrative Endorsement. Lefdal said the endorsement allows him to assume the superintendent duties for the two schools and remove Patton from the payroll. Lefdal said both the Wynot and Newcastle School Districts will be able to save some money.
“This move was purely financial,” said Patton.
Currently, the four schools share various subjects via distance education and other services, such as administrative duties, under the terms of an Inter-local Agreement.
Even with the shift in administrative duties, most of the Inter-local Agreement’s Addendums between Laurel-Concord, Coleridge, Wynot and Newcastle will remain.
“Laurel-Concord’s administrative addendums with Wynot and Newcastle will change, whereas my name will not be on it anymore,” said Patton, “The other addendums concerning classes and services should remain the same.”
“We’d like to keep things pretty much the same between the four schools,” said Lefdal.
Wynot Principal Rich Higgins declined to comment on the administrative change.
Patton said Wynot and Newcastle each paid around $7,800 of Patton’s salary. Lefdal will retain his principal duties at Newcastle, however, Wynot and Newcastle will each pay him around $4,000 for his role as Superintendent. Overall, the Wynot and Newcastle Districts will see a savings.
“My duties were very limited at Wynot and Newcastle,” said Patton, “Now, those duties are costing Wynot and Newcastle much less with Mr. Lefdal as their Superintendent.”