Published On: Wed, Jan 29th, 2014

Valuations will go up for taxpayers

HARTINGTON — Cedar County property owners could see an increase in property valuation again this year.

Valuations on irrigated farm ground, dry-crop and pasture land could all be going up this year, said Cedar County Assessor Don Hoesing.

Valuations for tax purposes are based on the selling price of property.

Hoesing is reviewing recent Cedar County sales as well as sales in surrounding counties.

“We are looking at the sales right now. We could have some sizable increases in our valuations,” Hoesing said. “Irrigated and dry-crop land will go up. Pasture land values could also raise some. We are still working on it and do not have the valuations set yet.”

Sales from the three previous years are included in the sales ratio for ag land.

The cut-off date for sales is September 2013, Hoesing said, adding that the sales were all up.

“There have been fewer sales since September, but the newer sales are just as high – maybe a little higher,” Hoesing said.

Sales on acreages are also strong, he said.

“Whether it is five- or a 20-acre parcel – there is always someone looking for an acreage,” Hoesing said.

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