Published On: Wed, Nov 13th, 2013

Students encourage Americans to be optimistic about the future

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HARTINGTON — Despite the difficult times our nation is facing right now,  Americans should be more optimistic.

The first and second place winners of the Voice of Democracy contest spoke these encouraging words in their speeches at the Veteran’s Day dinner here Monday.

The VOD essay contest gives high school students a chance to write on a subject related to patriotism.

Wynot junior Kristi Bruening, daughter of Dennis and Becky Bruening, earned first place in the VOD contest.

Bruening said optimism is important to our country because it will help us keep pushing forward.

“What the citizens of the United States need to comprehend is the principle truth that if we as Americans look at the positives of our beautiful country and not all the negatives, we will thrive like never before,” she said.

Bruening said this optimism derives from her belief that all Americans have proven patriotic values engrained in them.

She said our country has survived some very difficult hardships in the past and even now because of these values.

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