Published On: Wed, May 7th, 2014

Seniors share their thoughts about heading off to college

HARTINGTON — Starting over is a pretty big deal.

Especially so, when you leave the life you have known the past 18 years and begin again in a brand new place.

This fall, the Hartington Public and Cedar Catholic seniors will say good-bye to their high school days and open a brand new chapter in their lives.

They shared their thoughts on making this major change in their life and what they are most nervous about and looking forward to as they enter the college scene or working field.

Vinny Filiano, Hartington Public School, said he is most nervous about being a freshman all over again.

“We will be new to everything,” he said. “We will be the lowest people on the totem pole.”

Not only that, but Travis Burbach, also of HPS, said he is apprehensive about being in a brand new place and not really knowing anyone.

For Rachel Schaefer, Cedar Catholic High School, it will be quite a change of pace as she moves from Hartington  to Omaha.

The seniors also talked about how much different it will be not having parents around on a regular basis.

“Your responsibility for yourself increases a great deal,” said Dustin Weinandt, Cedar Catholic. “That makes me a little nervous.”

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