Published On: Wed, Jan 15th, 2014

School bus drivers don’t let inclement weather stop them

HARTINGTON — The job description sounds daunting.

• Must be responsible for dozens of children’s lives everyday.

• Must battle fierce temperatures, icy conditions, poor visibility and muddy roads.

• Must be willing to work early mornings and late afternoons.

Area school bus drivers must meet all of this criteria and then some before they are able to  open the door to the children huddled in the dark awaiting the arrival of their big yellow bus.

Before being allowed to drive a bus, applicants are required to pass a CDL test, a bus level-one test, a physical and a bus driving course, said Shelia Jueden, bus coordinator of Cedar Catholic and Holy Trinity schools.

Robert Fleming, bus coordinator for Hartington Public, said there are other essential characteristics for bus drivers, as well.

“We look for applicants that are responsible, disciplinary and reliable,” he said.

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