Published On: Wed, May 21st, 2014

School Board accepts resignation, buys property

HARTINGTON — The Hartington Public School Board accepted a resignation at their meeting Wednesday.

The Board accepted the resignation of Stephen Carlson, who was the technology coordinator for the school.

He was also an assistant coach for junior high football as well as a seventh grade sponsor.

Carlson has taken a position in the Omaha area.

The school has already hired his replacement, Glen Miller, who currently works for a private company that contracts with schools and other entities.

“I know presently we contract with him at Crofton and I believe the Allen school district contracts with him,” said Hartington Public Supt. Randy Anderson.

Anderson said Miller, who charges an hourly rate for his services, will begin work this summer.

The Hartington School Board also conducted a closed session on two items: the possible expansion of school property and staffing considerations at the Newcastle school.

Anderson said the Board approved the purchase of a house on the north side of the School, directly next to the Vo-Ag building.

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