Published On: Wed, Feb 6th, 2013

Sales on guns have soared here

HARTINGTON — Gun dealers in northeast Nebraska and southeast South Dakota, along with a Coleridge resident, who manufactures gun cases, have first-hand knowledge on the huge increases in gun sales that are taking place.

Mike Russell, Coleridge, is not in the business of selling guns, but he has been making and selling gun cases for close to 40 years.

Russell takes in almost 15 gun shows every year and meets up with a lot of gun dealers throughout the year.

Russell was at the Gun Show recently held at the Easton Archery Center, Yankton, S.D.

Russell sells a lot of his inventory to gun dealers who use the gun cases to transport their merchandise back and forth to Gun Shows/Sales.

In his visits with gun dealers, Russell has been told the sale of guns has skyrocketed.

“The increase in gun sales is huge — it is unbelievable,” Russell said. “The wholesalers have had to cancel some of their orders. They cannot fill all of them. The gun inventory has almost been depleted. The pipeline on guns being manufactured now is approaching empty.”