Published On: Thu, Mar 27th, 2008

Park Board, City Talk Issues

HARTINGTON — Park Board President Jerry Wintz met with Hartington City Council members Monday.
Wintz went over the proposed 2008 salaries, along with the previous year’s salaries for the employees at the swimming pool.

“We had a lot of applications this year – 15 of them,” Wintz said.
The board stayed with the city’s guidelines for salaries although the amount for minimum wages will increase during the summer.
Wintz recommended leaving some of the fees at the same level as last year.
Family memberships will stay at $70 and individual memberships are at $35.

A day pass will be $3.
Wintz said they will be updating some things that need to be done at the pool.
The pool manager from last year put together a list of everything that needs to be fixed, Wintz said.
“A Peter Kiewitt grant in the amount of $5,700 was available last year, although we did not have the matching funds that were needed for the grant,” said Wintz. “We have a gift from the Aurelia Lammers Estate but we want to make sure and funnel the money toward the most warranted project.”
Plans for soccer, baseball and softball are in the works, he said.
There will be a meeting with the city on this, said Wintz.
“The amount we pay for umpires merits having a meeting together,” said Councilman Tim Burbach.
Wintz said the board has considered pushing the season for soccer past Memorial Day weekend.
City Councilmen agree it is important to keep people off of the football field at the Hartington Community Complex during part of the year. Yellow caution tape will mark off the spot that cannot be walked on.
The city of Hartington is being honored for their efforts to plant trees in 2007.
The city will be presented a Tree City USA award in Lincoln on April 8.
The city has received numerous unsigned letters directing the city to take action on property that is not kept up, Mayor Bill Yates said.
“As long as the letter is not signed we cannot take action,” said Yates. “The letter has to be signed – the names will be kept anonymous.”
City Council members discussed whether the County Commissioners had an obligation to apply for a building permit from the city for the new Courthouse addition.
“I would ask that the County Commissioners apply for a building permit from the city,” said Burbach. “We can’t deny it, but they need to apply just like everyone else. The county has zoning rules they expect others to follow. It is wrong for them not to do so.”
In other action, Yates told the Council the city would have a better chance at getting grants and other funds if the Comprehensive Plan was updated.
“The last time it was updated was in 1970,” said Yates. “We want to update it every three years.”
Economic Development Board President Chris Miller agreed.
“It is good for the city to have a Comprehensive Plan to move things ahead,” said Miller. “Any cities our size or larger look at revising it. You tweak things and upgrade through the year – it needs to be included in the Plan.”
Yates said the city should get a committee to start looking at it.
“The Comprehensive Plan should be a work in progress,” said Councilman Ed Bottolfsen.
Yates also suggested someone representing the city needs to attend a Project Extra Mile meeting.

“If we thought the school should attend then someone from the Council should go,” Yates said.
The Alltel agreement was tabled until the next council meeting.
Attorney Vanessa Gorden told the council members there is not a problem with the agreement.
“It has just not gone through all the channels with Alltel yet,” Gorden said.
The board approved a building permit for Ken Hochstein to add a deck and patio and for James Potts to construct a house.
City Council took action on pro-rating the yearly fees for liquor licenses.
“Pro-rating is legal according to the City Attorney as long as it is applicable to everyone,” said Yates.