Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2013

Local student goes to great lengths to fight against smoking

HARTINGTON — Unrelenting and determined.

These two words best describe Addison Peitz’s desire to battle the tobacco companies of the world.

She is part of the group, No Limits. The group is a youth-led movement of teens striving to minimize the tobacco industry’s influence in Nebraska.

As a member of the group, Peitz and 51 other high school students from around the U.S., spoke up in a big way by protesting outside a shareholder’s meeting in New York City.

“The shareholders don’t always pay attention to what they are putting their money into,” she said. “So, I thought to get our message across, it would be good to go there.”

Since joining No Limits, Peitz has participated in numerous local activism events like taping up “6s” around the school symbolizing that every six seconds someone dies from a tobacco-related cause.

She also participated in a protest outside the capital in Lincoln as part of a crusade known as “Kick Butts,” which empowers youth to stand up and speak out against tobacco companies.

Students were chosen for the trip based on an essay they submitted explaining what their goals would be if chosen and the extent of their participation in No Limits since joining.

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